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OZEGE MENSUCAT has been established in Usak/Turkey in year 2004. OZEGE MENSUCAT is subsidiary of RAN GROUP which are one of largest textile corporation and Brands. Our company is one of leader woven fabric manufacturer mainly Pocketing and lining fabrics, Shirting fabrics, Pants fabrics, Workwear and uniform fabrics. We have a large fabric collection that our fabrics have different compositions of polyester, cotton, viscose, floss, cotton/elastane(lycra), cotton/polyester fabrics. .we are producing different type of fabrics having different widths, weights and qualities according to customer requests. Although we are the market leader in Turkey in terms of monthly pocketing fabric production and sales. we have different type of fabrics which are mainly used to shirts ,trousers, work clothes and uniforms. With our capacity of 1.500.000 meters/month, we completely focus on customer satisfaction with fast delivery fabrics from Stock or new production. To provide the best service to our customers, we continously develop in the newest production techniques with technologic equipments. More than long years of experience in the Textile industry lets us to apply the best practices in the areas of customer relationship management, production & research. As a result of our investments and quality standards followed inside the company, we cooperate with the important ready-to-wear companies and brands in mainly Middle East , Europe, North Africa and our customer base together with our production capacity increase day by day As an industry leader. Eco-friendly production is one of our company policies that we are strict on and we continuosly put our efforts to increase our energy efficiency and use more renewable energy resources. According to our policy, the materials used in the production process is chosen with utmost care to protect the environment autecological balance in accordance with OEKO-TEX and other standards.
Denkateks A.S. was founded in 1991 in Denizli in Turkiye. Denkateks which is active on a ground of 11,000 m2 of which 8,500 m2 is closed with, intents to perform the best service for its customers with a very rich line of goods. Denkateks has the capacity of producing 600.000 mt/month of fabrics by Picanol Optimax weaving looms, 100.000 kg/month of towels by Vamatex Leonardo looms, and also 50,000kg/month of knitted terry. For the casual attire: fabrics of shirts and trousers; for the household textiles: sheets and duvet covers; and for the hotel textiles: the towels, the dimities, and the tablecloths. It can also customize products according to orders. We export variety of the products, towels, dimities, tableclothes; mainly to Russia, Holland, Denmark, Germany, etc.
Uzun Textile was established in 1981 and continues to operate in upholstery and curtain fabrics sector. Bursa is the centre of manufacturing with its 3,000 mt of closed area in Demirtas Organize Sanayi district. It has 1,500,000 mt of annual production capacity of various products. We have been keeping our elegant and modern style for many years. Wide range of colors and designs of our products, are being offered, appealing to the needs of our customers. We have wholesale and retail sale services in Turkey and abroad with with such products as rascel, suede, chenille, microsonil, digital printed fabrics and others. We aim to continuously improve our customer portfolio by participating in domestic and international fairs such as Cnr Evteks. Uzun Tekstil is a branded institution in the sector with high quality services and suggestions offered to its customers by its unique solutions made by professional staff, both in retail and wholesale. With digital printing machine, we create special designs in line with the demands of our customers and provide boutique sales service. Also, we are serving in our 1200 m 2 showroom in Modoko (Umraniye, Istanbul) to our domestic and international customers.
Cemsa Textile is a textile fabrics and accessories manufacturer, supplier and exporter. It is focused on wholesale of textile fabrics to all around the world and has showrooms, distributors and partners in other countries. Fabrics are sold in raw, dyed or printed form. We can customize knitted and woven fabrics based on the patterns, colors, widths or material weight needed. Our clients’ needs and satisfaction are our top priority. Due to that we follow mainstream and contemporary fashion and trends closely, innovations in producing field and try to satisfy customer expectations by developing new products.
Akcam Textile is determined to give direction as the compass of the sector by combining superior quality with the importance given to customer satisfaction, through 40 years of experience, a young, dy
Deniz EKSPORT started its activities in 1995 and took its place in the textile industry. Deniz EKSPORT, which has been leading the way with the understanding of production and quality since its first day, has shown a steady growth and has made significant contributions to the sector and economy in which it is located. We are selling: 1- Chemicals and reactive or polyester dyes which are used to produce knitted fabrics, 2- Colorless plain knitted fabrics 3- Colored regular knitted fabrics.